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At Carnivale, we can host large and small special events for a variety of Chicago groups. We offer seven distinct private rooms for such occasions. With catering experts and talented chefs on hand to help make your private party everything that you imagine, hosting your special event at Carnivale will leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends!

Our Event Space

Salons I, II, III

These semi-private rooms are adjacent to the Main Dining Room, and can accommodate a maximum of 40 seated patrons or 40 cocktail-style.

Lambada Lounge

The Lambada Lounge can seat 40 patrons, and host 50 guests cocktail-style.

Flamenco Room

A private bar and a fireplace highlight this unique dual-level room. It accommodates 75 seated guests, and 100 cocktail-style.

Tango Room

The Tango Room features a 70-inch plasma screen and can accommodate 100 seated guests or 125 cocktail-style — when used in conjunction with the Catwalk, the number of cocktail-style guests increases the capacity to 150 cocktail-style.


Our balcony overlooking Carnivale’s Main Dining Room is located outside of the Tango Room, and it’s an ideal space to take in the view.

Samba Room

Our largest private room can host 200 seated guests and 300 cocktail-style. The Samba Room boasts wireless internet access, private restrooms, a private bar, and a private kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer genuine urban views of Chicago — and since it’s soundproof, you and your guests can enjoy your event in high fidelity.

Main Dining Room Buy Out

With the entirety of the Main Dining Room, Salons 1, 2, and 3, and the Flamenco Room at your disposal, you can seat 340 guests for a plated meal or host up to 500 people for a flowing reception.

Venue Buy Out

This closes the restaurant to the public to allow your guests exclusive access to all of Carnivale’s spaces. Using all of the space, we can accommodate plated meals for up to 500 guests, or a flowing reception for over 1,000 people.

Whether you need private party rooms for a special event, or you’re in need of a space for a business meeting or corporate event, Carnivale offers an appropriate space for your needs. With exceptional cuisine and a vibrant atmosphere, Carnivale is sure to impress. We invite you to see why our restaurant is a premier Chicago destination for a variety of special events!