At Carnivale, dinner is the main event! People come from all over Chicago to experience meals masterminded by Chef Rodolfo Cuadros, which bear the strong influence of his Latin-American upbringing while incorporating flavors from around the world. Churrasco, pork chop Milanese, and truffle cheese arepa are some of the offerings, which can be preceded by appetizers such as wild mushroom coca, oxtail empanada, and octopus a la plancha. The breadth of dinner offerings at Carnivale is nearly unparalleled in Chicago — but dinner doesn’t have to be the end of your night!

The desserts are just as diverse as the entrees and appetizers, including such offerings as chocolate lava mousse cake, tres leches, and organic cotton candy. We give our diners a unique experience thanks to Carnivale’s combination of unique culinary creations and our festive atmosphere.
Vegetarian Indicates vegetarian menu items.
Gluten-free Indicates gluten free menu items.



Gluten-free-meal Poached shrimp, calamari, octopus, glass noodles, poblano citrus sauce, peanutsGluten-free-meal Carrot ginger sauce, pickled ginger, green papaya, black garlic aioligluten-free-mealCucumber, red onion, cilantro, beech mushrooms, coconut, fish sauce, ginger, tostadaGluten-free-meal Lightly poached gulf shrimp, winter melon, gochujang, basil, sesame


gluten-free-mealCrispy potatoes, endive, lemon zest, chorizo, Kalamata olivesAji panca glaze, frisée, pineapple chutneyVegetarian-meal gluten-free-meal Variety of mixed beets, herb goat cheese, mandarin wedges, Thai basil, endive, candied pecans, sherry vinaigretteBaby arugula, chipotle glazegluten-free-mealHouse-smoked lake trout, pickled chilis, red onion, preserved lemon aioli, plantain, corn chipsVegetarian-mealgluten-free-mealLocal greens, hearts of palm, dates, queso fresco, avocado, cherry tomatoes, spiced cashews, champagne vinaigrette  Vegetarian-mealRed endive, frisée, mandarin wedges, French beans, sourdough croutons, celery, parmesan cheese, champagne lemon vinaigretteGluten-free-meal vegetarian meal Chunky avocados, cilantro, chilies, onion, garlic, lime, fresh corn chipsGluten-free-meal Braised brisket, sweet plantains, malanga, aji amarillo aioli, queso frescoCuban-style oxtail, butternut squash purée, valdeón blue cheese chimichurriGreen papaya, carrots, malanga, cilantro, smoked hazelnuts, sweet and sour adobovegetarian meal Herb ricotta, vegetable ragout, arugulaTempura cod, vigorón slaw, chipotle aioli

Charcuterie and Cheeses

Chefs selection of house cured meats and artisan cheeses


Vegetarian-meal gluten-free-meal Variety of mixed beets, herb goat cheese, mandarin wedges, Thai basil, endive, candied pecans, sherry vinaigretteVegetarian-mealRed endive, frisée, mandarin wedges, French beans, sourdough croutons, celery, parmesan cheese, champagne lemon vinaigrette


gluten-free-mealMarinated Amish chicken, fingerling papa guisada, pickled vegetables  Colombian recipe, known for amazing flavor and juiciness, passed down from Chef's motherGluten-free-meal Wood-grilled skirt steak, rice and beans, bacon sofrito, sweet red onion, chimichurri sauceGluten-free-meal Mexican achiote marinade, quinoa, beluga lentils, pea tendrils, beech mushrooms  This staple of the Yucatan Peninsula takes the earthiness of achiote and warm scent of banana leaf and pairs beautifully with the richness of salmonChurrasco, short rib, house made chorizo, morcilla, mollejas, chicken, truffle mashed potatoes, chimichurriGluten-free-meal Bacon potato gratin, burnt onion adobo, bone marrow glazed seasonal vegetables, blue cheese chimichurrigluten-free-mealHerb-crusted pork chop, preserved wild lemon aioli, plantain, mojo, baby kale saladGluten-free-meal Five-spice-rubbed Amish chicken breast, togarashi fries, watercress, citrus beurre montégluten-free-mealVegetarian-mealTomato arribiata, squash, mushrooms, parmesan cheesePastel de choclo, corn chorizo chimichurri, radish, beech mushroomsgluten-free-meal Chicha-morada-braised short rib, Hazards Farms grits, purple corn saladgluten-free-mealPumpkin-seed-crusted lamb rack, Bolivian pot pie, leek butternut squash purée, pumpkin vinaigretteSeasonal preparation, market pricegluten-free-mealSaffron bomb rice, shrimp, mussels, clams, calamari, scallions, peas, tomato sofritogluten-free-mealMaple Creek Farms slow-roasted pork shoulder, black bean purée, crispy yucca, mojo, salt and vinegar chicharrónVegetarian-mealgluten-free-mealLentil rice cake, green pea curry, baby caramelized vegetables, pea shoots      



White and dark chocolate mousse, strawberry sorbet, fresh strawberriesMango, red currant and pistachio ice creamsHouse made caramel cornPumpkin cake, preserved cherry and squash compote, pistachio fondant, pumpkin seed pralineRoasted hazelnut mousse, hazelnut sponge cake, oreo crumble, Zaya rum ice cream



Many of our dishes contain raw ingredients and dairy products. Please notify your server of any allergies or aversions. Parties of 6 or more will have an automatic taxable service charge of 20%.