#Top10 Brunch Spots

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Carnivale Brunch at this restaurant is as festive and fun as its name! When you enter the massive space you are immediately greeted with an array of colors- there are balloons, bright hanging lamps, drawings on the wall, and even a photo booth. If this is too much there’s plenty of quiet seating areas both… Read more »

Summer Brunch for Any Taste

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Now that it seems summer is finally in full swing, we’re offering five suggestions for the perfect brunch, no matter what you’re looking for. Some are old favorites, others are offering brunch for the first time. Check out our picks below and let us know where you’re headed for brunch! For those who love to… Read more »

The Great Chefs Tasting Party 2014

AFTER 22 years, the Great Chefs Tasting Party continues to be one of Chicago’s most popular events, and the proceeds give a big boost to charity, allowing many people with disabilities to enjoy a new level of independence and lead a life without limits. This is the first year that the annual event has been… Read more »