Carnivale University: Girl’s Night Out Re-Cap

We know you’re smart and adventurous, but did you know that Carnivale hosts a monthly event that is guaranteed to make you even smarter, and probably cooler? This is all true–it’s called Carnivale University, and each month we teach a group of thrill seekers how to make signature cocktails that epitomize the unique spirit of… Read more »

A Bloody Mary like none other!

What’s the secret to the perfect Bloody Mary? Is it a unique blend of tomatoes and hot sauce? A specialty spirit, or a chicken wing on a stick? Ask ten people this question, and you’ll get ten different answers. That’s because the secret ingredient in the perfect Bloody Mary is YOU! Some like it hot, some… Read more »

Latin Love

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“We classify ourselves as Latino,” says Chef Rodolfo Cuadros of Carnivale. “Although we cook with South American and Caribbean influences, in today’s culture it’s hard to separate yourself from a Mexican restaurant.” On the other hand, all these cultural influences give Cuadros room to play with many different styles of food, from the pasta and root vegetables served in Argentina, to the tropical dishes… Read more »