Asian Influence Cuisine Meets Latin-Fusion Fare

As a savvy Carnivale diner, you already know the inventive flavor and intense fun we bring to the table. We take Latin-inspired dishes based on, say, “camrones” (shrimp), add our signature flair, and make this happen: Add hot peppers, mango, and some fresh coconut from the islands, and now you have our signature Latin-fusion fare…. Read more »

Big Ideas for Small Weddings

So you did it. After sharing countless hot dogs at Wrigley Field, texting emojis, and kissing in front of your friends and family, you finally popped the question. You’re getting married! Congratulations. Now comes the fun part (written with a healthy dose of sarcasm): planning! Weddings costs these days have never been higher. Maybe you… Read more »

Make Spring Break in Chicago Fun for the Family

Temperatures are starting to trend upward, snow is giving way to Chicago’s own special brand of slud (slush+mud — you heard it here first), and the kids are getting stir crazy. Know what that means? Spring break is around the corner! If the thought of planning a vacation this late in the game scares you… Read more »