Savor the Flavor: Ceviche

Ceviche can be found across Latin America in some form or another and is served as both a main course or an appetizer. The basic concept of ceviche is pretty simple: take raw fish, add citrus juice, and in short order the acid from the juice “cooks” the fish, turning it opaque, just as if… Read more »

Get in the Spirit: Old Cuban

Carnivale’s crafty cadre of mixologists have introduced a fresh cocktail to the menu that’s sure to make you fall in love. The Old Cuban ($13) is a concoction lovingly created with: Flor de Caña 7 year rum Fresh mint Lime Angostura bitters And topped with cava to give it light lift It’s like a Mojito… Read more »

Carnivale Food Truck Rolling Through a Neighborhood Near You

For fans of Carnivale’s carefully crafted Latin Fusion menu who can’t always make it in to our dining room, we’d like to remind you that Carnivale’s food truck is probably rolling through a neighborhood near you. The Carnivale food truck is making its way around downtown Chicago and local neighborhoods and can be found most… Read more »