Resturant buyouts: What to know and how to impress

Looking for a venue for a private event can be daunting. There’s so much to consider: the size of your group, budget, menu and of course, aesthetic. Today’s events need to be much more than just a fun time for those in attendance, it’s got to be a gorgeous, lush Instagram-worthy moment. The food, drinks,… Read more »

Samba Fridays are here!

Break out of the weekday doldrums with a delicious drink, some incredible food and a little live Latin entertainment to infuse your weekend with a bit of spicy fun. An energetic celebration of life, the Samba is a Latin dance rooted in rhythms. Whether performed alone, or with a ballroom dance partner, it’s the perfect… Read more »

Savor the Flavor: The Privilege

What is the largest beverage you have ever consumed, NOT counting anything you drank in college or can purchase at 7-Eleven? Let’s whittle it down even further by eliminating the soon-to-be-cliche punch bowls in all of their boozy incarnations. Now cut out anything from Miami. Finally, let’s qualify this beverage as a modern fusion cocktail… Read more »

Carnivale’s Food Truck is rolling though Chicagoland

Because it’s not always possible to haul yourself across town to get the food you crave, Carnivale has launched its very own food truck to bring Latin-fusion deliciousness to the streets. Stay up to date about where the Carnivale food truck is rolling each day across the Chicagoland area by following @Carnivale_truck on Twitter. Or… Read more »