Carnivale University: A Ticket To An Experience

Carnivale has been holding classes on crafting the perfect cocktail for a while now and we’re not too shy to admit we had no idea how popular they would become. So based on demand, our upcoming Carnivale University classes will be ticketed events, which include two hours of food, expert instruction, cocktails and fun. View… Read more »

It’s a Spooky Halloween Brunch At Carnivale

Happy Halloween you bunch of witches! Help us celebrate the spookiest time of the year by stopping in for a bite during Carnivale’s Halloween Brunch. Because at Carnivale, even the afterlife is colorful and delicious. On Sunday, October 28 from 10:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., Carnivale is hosting the trickiest treat party in town. We’ll… Read more »

Savor the Flavor: Vegetarian & Gluten Free Options at Carnivale

Here at Carnivale Chicago, we’re well known for our ceviches, Peruvian Chicken, Lamb Rack, and sizzling steaks. But that doesn’t mean our friends who eat vegetarian  diets are left out of all the delicious fun. Same goes for the gluten-free crowd. When you’re here, we’ve got you covered. Our menus are chock full of vegetarian… Read more »

Shake it At Carnivale’s Samba Party

With its roots in Brazil, The Samba also has deeply religious ties back to West Africa. It was slaves who brought Samba to Brazil and it was Brazil that embraced it so deeply, it’s one of the most recognizable exports of the country around the world. But Samba is more than just a dance, it… Read more »